As cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (CSCC) progresses,
so does its complexity—and its threat.1
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CSCC is a commonly occurring type of cancer.
Annual US incidence of CSCC is estimated to be2-4

Annual US incidence of CSCC is estimated to be ~700,000 and rising.*

and rising.

*As of 2012.

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incidence of CSCC

While early-stage CSCC generally has a good prognosis, certain tumor and patient factors can indicate a greater risk for recurrence or metastasis.5

CSCC: Invasion into subcutaneous fat.

Invasion into
subcutaneous fat

CSCC: Nodal involvement.


CSCC: Perineural invasion.


CSCC: Growth in desmoplastic or infiltrative pattern.

Growth in desmoplastic
or infiltrative pattern

Recognize the signs and symptoms
indicating a higher risk
for disease progression

More than

More than 70% of disease specific death were reported to be caused by locoregional disease that has not distantly metastasized (M0).

of disease-specific death was reported to be caused by locoregional disease
that has not distantly metastasized (M0).3,6,7

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prognosis of advanced disease

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